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Liam Perry, née "Sparey", is undergoing a lot of uncomfortable life changes: a new body, a new awareness of their gender, and a new gig as Dr. Throat's hench. Bringing them along on a bank heist should've been a routine training experience-- but an old flame of Sybil's and a militia of heavily armed "heroes" have other plans....

The outrageous adventures of DR. SYBIL THROAT, mad scientist and professional supervillain, continue! This digital PDF copy features 44 pages of comics in crisp black, white and corruption green, plus a special variant cover by Blackshirtboy. Free, instant global shipping! Can be read even in totally dark rooms! Wow!

Contains sexually explicit content. Additional content warnings include: cape kink, hostage scenarios, contagious airborne diseases, non-gender-specific "bimbofication", intelligence play, hypnosis, firearms, neo-fascist rhetoric, mild head trauma, severe body trauma, latex, immobility, medical procedures and strong language. Really, emphatically NOT for readers under 18.