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Liam Perry is a nervous Bible college TA with a big, bad secret... one that the school's suspicious new biology professor can't seem to resist exploiting. Will Perry manage to put a stop to her sinister machinations... or will he fall victim to his own deep-seated desires?! (The second one. Obviously. You do realize what kind of comic this is, right?)

DR. SYBIL THROAT, mad scientist and professional supervillain, stars in her very own standalone comic series! This digital PDF features 44 pages in crisp black, white and cognitohazard magenta, plus full color cover pages including variant cover art by Hope "Strype" Ferris. Free global shipping! Does not take up space on a bookshelf! Does not take up any physical space at all, actually! Technology is amazing!

Contains sexually explicit content. Additional content warnings include: organized religion, humiliation, hypnosis, cape kink, latex kink, masturbation, micro, electrostim, dead animals, exploding dead animals, facesitting, institutional transphobia, sexualization of religious iconography, achute aphasia, breast expansion, dismemberment and salty language. Really, emphatically NOT for readers under 18.