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Ah, the humble keyring. Used every day, yet celebrated so little. Is it any wonder keys go missing so often? If only there was SOME way, some AMAZING innovation that would make keys more colorful and eye-catching while holding them together, perhaps while also signalling that their owner is an extremely cool and dangerous person. But HOW???


These sturdy acrylic MOTEL KEYCHARMS, sized and shaped perfectly for your palm, have the QVP flag emblazoned on one side and an inspirational gold holo-foil design stamped on the other. They also make great luggage tags, zipper pulls, or fashion accessories!

This item is available for preorder. Motel keycharm preorders will be shipped mid-June. Purchases with multiple items that include preorders will be sent in mid-June to save on shipping costs; however, at the customer's request and for a small added fee, we can split orders into two shipments. [6.30.2022 UPDATE: Just received word the keycharms are on their way! Perorders will now be shipped out by July 15th. Thank you for your patience.]