Limited Edition Trans QVP Face Masks

Regular price $10.00

Many of you requested it-- now, for a limited time only, we're doing it! It's a limited edition trans flag variant of our Queer Villain Pride face masks! Similar to our regular QVP masks, these are made of sturdy, breathable and machine-washable cotton fabric, and are a stylish and safe accoutrement to any outfit. We only made 100 of these-- they're a *★,°*. Collector's Item *.°★* 。

Let's be real: This "Queer Villain Pride" thing? It's silly, kinky cartoon bullshit. It's for fun. But there are way more pressing issues that need attention right now, and if we can use the popularity of our fakey fake roleplay flag to help people out in the real world, then we absolutely should. All proceeds from the sale of trans QVP masks will be donated to benefit the Washington Black Trans Task Force, a social justice organization dedicated to providing resources to, and fighting for the rights of, black trans people in the Seattle-Tacoma area. You can read more about them here:

Very few of these remain, so order now, look cool as hell, and help out some trans people. Heck yeah!